''You do a fab job with the Online Market, it’s very professional and I’m glad to be part of it! X '' Liz, The Spotted Dog- A Tail of Yarn .


''Looking forward to taking part again , great market ! '' Jayne , Jewellery Trader .



Here's how the Online Markets work:


The Christmas Online Market will run every Monday from 28th September until 14th December, on our Instagram story for 24 hours. 


This is what we would ask you to do:


1.The day before  (Sunday) , the Christmas Online Markets, on your Instagram story,  tag  @eventissima_events in up to three posts, we will save your posts to reshare the next day. We will definitely post one post for you, but if we have space we will try to post more.


2. For the Christmas Online Markets we will reshare your post from 7PM on Monday evenings.


3. People will then shop by contact you directly or by following the link in your bio


.We also feature you on our Instagram page to promote your business.



Christmas Online Markets  12 weeks (28 Sept-14 Dec) £30 OR the first 6 week block (28 Sept-2 Nov) £18 OR for the second 6 week block (9 Nov-14 Dec) £24 OR 1 week is £5 

( you may join on any Monday and we will provide a quote before you book).








 Online Market Terms and Conditions. 

  1. Eventissima Events will place one post per Customer on the Eventissima Instagram Story on the requested number of dates  . All posts will be marked with an ‘Ad’ symbol or as legally required.
  2. The Customer will be solely responsible for all subsequent contact with other social media users in terms of sales or services or any other matters whatsoever . The customer accepts full responsibility for their products and must comply with all legal and safety standards.
  3. Eventissima Events will not be responsible for any issues with the customer’s  technical issues with Instagram , internet or other social media sites.
  4. Eventissima Events will refund or credit the customer in case of any technical , internet or power issues arising on Instagram or the internet during the timings of the market (i.e if Eventissima has such issues and we are unable to upload your posts). Any refunds or credits will be processed after every pre-booked period.
  5. All payments to Eventissima Events are non-refundable and non-transferrable when booked, in the case of customer cancellation.
  6. Eventissima Events reserve the right to remove or not to post any page on social media that is unsuitable , hazardous or not as declared . Eventissima Events’ decision is final in all matters relating to the online market. Alcohol may not be sold online . 


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